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Maintenance methods of PVC sheets

Because the PVC sheet products are more environmentally friendly, healthier, cheaper, cost-effective and practical.PVC sheet products have largely replaced traditional metal materials, rubber products and so on.

Therefore, how can the PVC sheet products be maintained to extend their life scientifically and reasonably?

PVC sheet products have different maintenance methods according to their main uses.

Wood floor PVC sheets need to be scrubbed regularly. Use soft gauze for cleaning wipes, because the type of gauze has less friction, so it does little damage to the wooden floor PVC sheet. It is not easy to cause damage to the wooden floor. After scrubbing, open the windows and doors for ventilation, so that the water on the wooden floor will evaporate quickly and achieve a quick-drying effect.

Pay special attention to the shading treatment of the external waterproof PVC sheet. According to relevant statistical data, the aging speed of the waterproof pipe fittings is 3 times higher than that without light, and the performance drops very fast. Therefore, we should put a layer of sponge sheath on the outside, which can extend the life greatly.

The embedded waterproof PVC plastic sheet is sealed in cement concrete as much as possible. PVC blister sheet requires oxygen in the basic principle of aging. If we seal it in cement concrete, all the air is blocked, so the oxygen condition of PVC blister sheet is eliminated. We must apply a layer of safety protection agent on the pipe fittings firstly, and then seal them into the cement concrete wall.

Post time: Aug-04-2020