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  • Maintenance methods of PVC sheets

    Because the PVC sheet products are more environmentally friendly, healthier, cheaper, cost-effective and practical.PVC sheet products have largely replaced traditional metal materials, rubber products and so on. Therefore, how can the PVC sheet products be maintained to extend their life scientif...
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  • PVC transparent Sheet

    PVC transparent sheet is a kind of engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. It has good impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardancy, good processability and strong plasticity. It is used widely in lighting, rain-proof ceilings, channel ceilings, noi...
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  • PVC Film

    PVC film is a kind of high-quality plastic composite material. The surface is very smooth and beautiful. There is no cracks and bubbles. It has a clear surface and uniform color. PVC film is resistant to strong acids, alkalis, heavy pressure, tensile strength, aging resistance and antistatic. PVC...
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  • Use of plastic sheet

    The plastic sheet is used widely.It is convenient to use.There are the reasons that plastic sheets are used widely. The plastic sheet is resistant to chemical erosion and wear resistance. It is a good insulator with light weight. The main component of the plastic sheet is synthetic resin, which i...
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  • Precautions for the use of PVC sheets

    PVC sheets can be divided into many categories, and different PVC sheets have different uses. The transparent PVC sheet is processed by adding better auxiliary raw materials on the basis of the PVC sheet. The colors are diverse, such as white, brown and royal blue. The kind of board is mainly use...
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  • PVC Advertising sheet

    All conventional gates of PVC board can use runners and gates.If processing smaller parts, it is best to use pin-point gates or submerged gates; for thicker PVC parts, it is best to use fan gates. PVC has the outstanding characteristics of abundant raw materials, mature manufacturing process, low...
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  • A4 Size Plastic Sheet

    The plastic sheet is a plate made of plastic, and plastic is a synthetic polymer compound, which can be changed the shape freely. Plastic is a material that is polymerized by synthesis and condensation reaction using monomer raw materials. The plastic sheet is composed of synthetic resin and fill...
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  • The mirror sheet

    The mirror sheet is a decoration that is made by grinding through a special process. Common mirror sheets mainly include PVC mirror sheets,stainless steel mirror sheets,fire-retardant synthetic mirror sheets and aluminum button mirror sheets. Different mirror sheets have different uses. PVC mirro...
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  • Mirror Finish PVC Sheets

    The mirror sheet is a decoration and decoration material made by grinding through a special process. The common mirror panels mainly include stainless steel mirror sheets, PVC mirror sheets, fire-retardant synthetic mirror sheets and aluminum button mirror sheets. The material of the mirror sheet...
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  • High Gloss PVC Sheet

    The high-gloss board is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.The color of the surface is often changed without discoloration. The surface does not generate static electricity during the cleaning process.  It is not easy to adhere to the dust. The surface has oil stains and dirty stains removed im...
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  • Printing PVC Sheet

    PVC sheet products not only have good transparency, good surface gloss, bright color, less crystal points and bubbles, but also have the characteristics of strong impact resistance, chemical resistance.It is easy to process and shape.  PVC sheet products have good vacuum formability, body-smooth...
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  • PVC Printing Card

    PVC is one of the largest plastic products in the world. It is cheap and used widely.The PVC resin is white and light yellow powder. It cannot be used alone and must be modified. PVC is a white powder with an amorphous structure, which has a low degree of branching and poor stability to light and...
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