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Mangarahara PVC Core

Short Description:

Item Thickness Color Surface Wetting Tension Vicat Point Tensile Strength Width Length PVC Core 100 µm to 800µm Transparent Matt ≥37 dynes/cm 75℃ to 84℃ ≥ 38MPa 200mm to 1200mm ≥200mm Application: it is used for making transparent cards, or middle sheets.

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Ton
  • Supply Fahaizana: 200 taonina / Month
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    I tem T hickness C olor S urface W etting olana V icat Point T ensile Strength W idth L ength
    PVC Core 100 μ M ny 800 μ M mangarahara M ATT 3 7 dynes / sm 75 ny 84  38MPa 200mm ny 1200mm 200mm

    Fampiharana: izany no ampiasaina amin'ny mangarahara manao karatra, na afovoany fanitso.

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